Talent management should be simple for everyone.

3 Story Software provides you with the platform and tools to procure and manage the best talent, as well as, track and manage spend, compliance, and risk — all from a single point of control.

Our CWMS supports an extended end-to-end workflow. From procurement through offboarding, you set the goals, the process, the evaluation criteria, and 3 Story Software tracks, automates, and processes it all for you. We take the initial request in draft or RFx form, get it approved online (if necessary), route the request to the right set of suppliers, award the request to a worker (or team), and track costs and performance.

Whether you’re integrating a global contingent workforce program or looking to improve existing processes to be better, faster, cheaper, we give you the tools to get there.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Procure and manage your contingent workforce, direct hires, and project teams all in one place.

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  • Cost Capture

    Automate and track time, expense, and services related costs and payments.

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  • Reporting & Analytics

    Turn your raw data into the big picture and make better, informed decisions.

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