To fully realize your savings potential you need a system that can track all your costs. 3 Story Software can fully track and automate the transfer of orders, timesheets, invoices and credit notes between parties, to deliver you faster and more cost effective administration of suppliers.

Whether you want to map costs into the future, account for accruals or set alerts for when costs are overdue 3 Story Software can help you manage your workforce spend your way. Complicated rate cards? Markup schedules? Let our CWMS do the heavy lifting. We have automation for giving raises at various tenure points, reducing markups (lowering rates) after statutory limits have been met, and measuring cost savings by location, department, as well as, the ability to configure many other approaches.

Through efficient use of cost tracking, benchmarking, service-level agreements, and rate cards our CWMS can help you identify those cost savings, while our powerful procurement engine helps you to take advantage of reverse auctioning, bid management and even anonymous supply chain pricing to realize those savings.

To discuss the different aspects and costs you can record, contact us.