3 Story Software provides you with information you need to help you drive real business results. From tracking costs to monitoring compliance, measuring quality of hires to timing processes, 3 Story Software helps you get all the stats, facts, and data you need to measure the performance of your workforce and suppliers, so whatever you want to know, wherever you want to go, you’ll have the information you need to make more informed decisions.

The easy-to-use ad hoc reporting engine is very popular with line managers, who can create their own reports and share them with colleagues. Our graphs, dashboards, aggregate and detail reports visualize your workforce information, making it easy for you to spot trends and share progress. Whether it’s equipping your managers with day to day management information or giving you the information to plan for the future, 3 Story Software brings your management information to life in a way you can use.

For more information on how 3 Story Software can provide you with the workforce business intelligence, contact us.