Your workforce, it’s your most
important resource, your biggest investment.

You know what you need to achieve: faster, smarter, better, cheaper. As talent attraction becomes increasingly more competitive, 3 Story Software helps you chose and manage the best people—from temporary staff to contractors/freelancers, consultants to project-based services or permanent employees. This unified system improves the speed and quality of your hiring process so you can access the best talent before anyone else. Global distribution of requirements to approved vendors in a click? No problem. Measuring what’s working best and how much it’s costing? Of course.

3 Story Software automates practically every process in the “req-to-check” lifecycle, from raising temp orders to onboarding, capturing labor time and expenses to approvals and invoicing. Tracking the whole process in one place gives you the visibility to better control and evaluate around how your business acquires talent.


Whether you outsource your temporary staffing program or run it internally, if you run a master vendor or a neutral one, 3 Story Software automates the processes, rules, workflows and requirements of your organization, so you can rest assured that you are procuring and managing your contingent workers in the most effective way.

Direct Hire

Need a way to manage those permanent employees or contractors that you source yourself, and not via your staffing suppliers? We’ve got you covered. 3 Story Software allows you to build, verify, and manage your talent pool, wherever they come from.

Project Services & Statement of Work (SOW)

SOW and project-based work is the ideal solution for delivering milestone and deliverable based work, but it’s risky business if not properly managed. 3 Story Software shows you all the information you need to report on and analyze performance against project agreements and key benchmarks.

Companies of all sizes use 3 Story Software to simplify the whole process, from supplier sourcing to evaluation. You can manage the award process, track progress against milestones, approve and invoice work. 3 Story Software provides you with all the tools you need to ensure your project-based work deliverables.

To discuss how our CWMS can help you to better manage your workforce, contact us.