We’re more than just a technology company.

Our roots are in supporting businesses to better manage their workforce. Technology is only one part of who we are, which is why in addition to our software we also offer:

  • Implementation Support

    From working with you to figure out the configuration you’ll require, to supporting your data migration, we’ll ensure you have all you need to get up and running.

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  • Complete Integration

    No matter what system you need your CWMS to talk to 3 Story Software will help make it happen.

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  • Training & Support

    We pride ourselves on ease of use, and that doesn’t just apply to our software, but means ensuring you get the training and support to get the most out of your CWMS.

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  • Innovation & Custom Development

    We don’t make you wait for the latest developments, our bi-monthly updates are derived from our own desire to constantly improve and customer requests.

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