With 3 Story Software you are never on your own, whether it’s bespoke training to ensure your teams know what to expect and how to use the product or support to implement a new requirement as you grow, we’ll be there.


Training is vital if you want to ensure correct use. However, with a system as unique as you are it’s no good relying on out of the box training, which is why we offer you tailored training options, including online and video training, to ensure no-one gets left behind.

We also offer a comprehensive train-the-trainer course for resellers who want a level of expertise to configure and implement their own customers.


Support doesn’t stop at the implementation stage. While your project manager will always be available to ensure your success we know you don’t always want to be dependent on one person, our side or yours. This is why, in addition to the standard help, frequently asked questions and video tutorials, we have a support tool within the system to receive questions, bugs, or even feature requests, which all users may access. These are then routed according to the type of issue and severity to the right member of our team to ensure the query is resolved as soon as possible.

We also monitor how and when the product is used and what questions are asked to inform our product development, constantly working to make it better.