To save you all the hassle of installation, maintenance and restrictions traditionally associated with software, 3 Story Software is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means you access your CWMS using the internet, so you can take it with you, wherever you go, no need to worry about hardware updates, maintenance, and installations.

Multi-tenant architecture

You only ever have one site for all users. Suppliers have one account (not dozens); workers have one account. Customers benefit from a unified feature set that evolves at no cost. So no one has to remember lots of different links and logins. This is how a modern SaaS application looks. Ask your current vendor if this is their architecture:

3SS connected to customers, suppliers, and workers

Highly scalable, multi-database architecture

We pull off a neat trick. We support multi-tenancy, but we keep all customer information in separate databases, so you don’t have to worry about data mingling or security issues. It's an elaborate behind-the-scenes effort of queuing and caching but it is truly the best-of-both worlds approach. Our system would perform with a hundred customers (and does) or a thousand due to its scale-out architecture. As shown below, customer data is segmented for security and scalability purposes.

3SS web services flow chart of multiple supplier and customer data

Multi-language and fully localized

Yes, we realize there are other SaaS CWMS products out there that allow you the same on the go access. But how many offer the same support for localization? Multiple languages within the same instance? No problem. We have customers with French, English, German, and Spanish speaking users all in one system.

We have customers around the world, from Sydney, Australia to London, UK to Los Angeles, California, so we recognize the compliance, regulations, tax, invoicing, cultures and customs differences you need to be ready for.

World map of 3SS implementations by country