Easily Buy and manage your flexible workforce.

3 Story Software has all you need to make light work of workforce management, wherever they are, whatever they do. No matter how complex it gets, we’ve got you covered.

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Take control of your Contingent Workforce

Whether you run an in-house flexible workforce program or complex global accounts, our cloud-based contingent workforce management solution helps you manage contractors, complex project services, and permanent recruitment all in one place, quickly and easily.

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Speedy Setup

Implementation is so quick and simple even large international companies can go from purchase to live across the globe in just a matter of days.

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Highly Flexible

3 Story Software is flexible enough to meet even the most complex business specifics. Whether it's workflows, local rules, tax regulations, languages, invoicing, or rates, you can configure and edit as you see fit. No need for support tickets. No waiting. Plus our implementation team will help you get started.

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Ease of Use

We never underestimate the importance of ease of use. It drives all our design decisions. We also recognize even the easiest to use systems require expert training and support so you can rest assured, no matter how complex your situation, managing your workforce won’t be.

The Latest in CWMS Expertise

Like you, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve workforce management, but we won’t make you wait to get the latest upgrade. Our releases are every 5 weeks. We develop based on customer feedback and feature requests as well as our own inquisitive nature and expertise, to deliver constant improvement, not periodical disruption and downtime.







Gain all this and more with 3 story software

  • Complete cost control

    Curb rogue spend. Set spend limits on project, temp or perm. Integrate with your own PO system. Whatever requisition or cost approval process you have 3 Story Software enables you to maximize your savings. Your rules, your way.

  • Full Visibility

    Where do you spend the most? Where have you saved the most? Which supplier delivers at the most competitive rate? Whatever you need to know, 3 Story Software delivers you the insight you need to make smarter decisions. Delivering business drivers not just data.

  • Increased efficiency

    Streamline your back office, automate self-billing of suppliers, integrate admin with your finance system. We can save you time and money with unified management and automation.

  • Compliance assured

    Reduce your contractor misclassification and other hiring regulation risks and ensure adherence to process. With 3 Story Software you set the standard, the system does the rest.

  • Higher quality hires

    From auto notifications that inspire action to contractor performance reports to monitor your PSL return. 3 Story Software equips you with the tools to monitor more than just time and cost to raise your game how you chose.

  • Reduce Risks

    Lessen the chance of misunderstandings and miscommunication. Enforce requirements and negotiated bill rates. Our CWMS helps you mitigate supplier risks and improve hiring manager relations.